Controls Update

Hi, everyone!

Thanks for checking the game out and for your valuable feedback. I've updated the game with a quick fix for the controls, and added proper controller support for your PS or Xbox gamepads. Here are the updated controls:



Move: WASD - Interact/OK: SPACE or ENTER - Dash: H - Sword: J - Dash Attack: H+J - Blaster: K - Bomb: L - Pause: ESCAPE

Gamepad (PS):

Move: D-Pad - Interact/OK: Circle - Dash: Cross  - Sword: Square - Dash Attack: Cross + Square - Blaster: R1 - Bomb: Triangle - Pause: Options Button


Move: D-Pad - Interact/OK:  B - Dash: A  - Sword: X - Dash Attack: A + X - Blaster: Right Bumper - Bomb: Y - Pause: Start Button

As you might see, you now no longer have to press an extra button to draw your Blaster -- pressing the Blaster key will draw it, and releasing it will shoot.

I've also fixed some of the more glaring bugs you found, but this update is meant to address the control issues as fast as possible -- so there's still plenty I need to fix as we go.

Thanks again for playing the game! I hope to have a content update for you soon. Till then, please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback!


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Jul 17, 2018



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Reporting on an Xbox One controller, the controls feel great, smooth and fluid! Keep up the good work! This is one of the best demos I've played!