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ECO BREAKER is a role-playing game inspired by the Japanese classics of the '90s.

Board your Mobile Gun mech unit and explore, liberate regions and assemble an army to fight against the Mad Ruler of Gebronia before the world is brought to an end.

Fast paced, Turn-Based-style Battles.
Battle your enemies in Mobile Guns and on foot, level up and upgrade your mech. Use the ACTION Gauge to gain a tactical advantage over your opponents, allowing you to attack faster or avoid oncoming attacks entirely.

An epic, world-spanning story.
Explore the world and assemble your party as you help liberate regions oppressed by the Gebronian Empire and uncover their world-ending plot before it's too late.

Look and feel inspired by the Classics.
ECO BREAKER is a love letter to the JRPGs of the PlayStation, with a story, look and sound reminiscent of the early days of 3D console role-playing adventures.

ECO BREAKER is currently in production. Please feel free to follow along with the development of the game at the following links.

ECO BREAKER on Twitter

Giannis on Twitter

Official website


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